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Grecian Inspiration

Be Bold and embrace being unique

Inspiration (noun)
The process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something creative.

I was inspired by the delicate and intricate detail of these ceramic jars. The patterns and different shapes are unique and compliment each other.

One Sunday morning driving home from church I noticed these beautiful gigantic lush Bougainvilleas.
I felt inspired to combine these bold and striking elements and knew that this was going to be magnificent.

These bold colors and elements are the hues of blue that you find in the ceramic jars and the cerise pink flowers of the Bougainvillea. The touch of mustard in the phalaenopsis orchid, craspedia and the fabric of the scatter cushion bring a sense of harmony and balance to the entire setting.

The greatest advice I can share when styling is to let your creativity flow!
Most importantly don’t allow your talent to be defined by titles and awards.
Be influenced by your natural surroundings and embrace them. You are being a true creative when you embrace your unique ability and eye to capture the beauty that surrounds you every day.
Embrace your heavenly qualities and significant gifts that God has given you and start unwrapping these gifts with boldness, great love and cherish your ability to create.

If you knew who God created you to be, you would never want to be anyone else
~Bill Johnson

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